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Published: 16th February 2012
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Even though you may use a cosmetic product religiously - you may wonder, why am I still aging?

People have never really understood why humans age. Looking young has always been appealing to people in every culture around the world since creations beginning. A well documented historical archive relates how an explorer searched for a fountain of youth. What he found was "florid", hence he named it Florida. Describing the area by means of a name was easy. Finding the fountain of youth, was quite a different matter. Many months of carefully searching for the fountain ended up in frustration and eventually they gave up the search. Have we ever felt this same frustration?

Getting old is so pandemic that seldom do people wonder what causes it. Why should we give in to the aging process if we instinctively know that it is something unacceptable? When wrinkles or grey hair appear, we all look for a quick way to nip it in the bud. The scientific community also does not understand why aging takes place. This is because the body naturally repairs itself so regularly and perfectly. The beauty industry uses the aging process to their advantage - not to get to the root of problems, but rather to cover up skin problems. Advertisements about cosmetics predominate commercials. Advertisements make amazing claims to dramatically reduce wrinkles in a few days or weeks. Can we really trust modern technology to deliver the grandiose promises it makes?

Why remove wrinkles naturally?

We dont like to discuss aging, because we feel so helpless- but actually there is hope! New studies reveal that we must differentiate a persons actual age from their physical condition. When some people look young for their chronological age people say he or she does not "look his age." To say it more simply, getting old and going down hill do not necessarily need to go together. The aging process can be slowed down if we do not add insult to injury. Of course being optimistic may not change your appearance, but it will give encouragement to begin a healthy skin care regimen. It is dangerous to think that even though we appear young, we are impervious to the ravages of time.

Aging and wrinkles?
Every scientist has his own opinion about the reason for aging, this shows that there is no consensus. Some people claim that cells break down because they become less efficient. One theory postulates that aging is caused by cells gradually functioning less efficiently due to wear and tear. The body repairs severe injuries, but does it make any sense when minor skin problems are not resolved? Also, why do some animals have an extremely long life span but mankind only lives 70 or 80 years? Could it be that some kind of timing mechanism overrides and determines the life expectancy of every living creature? Is it not strange that some turtles can live for hundreds of years, yet far more intelligent dogs live for only around 14 years. If it is a matter of wear and tear, then why do stressed out humans live for 70 years, yet chimpanzees with easy going lifestyles live for only 40 years? Also consider this; there are cells in our body that get replaced every 7 or so years. However, our brain cells never get replaced, they last until we die. It really does not make sense that the brain cells that work so much harder never need to be replaced, but common cells do. Did you know that ameobas never die from old age? Being a single celled creature, it simply divides in two and continues living. Each new cell continues to live without dying. Now do you understand why scientists are so perplexed about this question?

Aging and Cosmetics
What can be done to lessen the signs of aging? Have you noticed that animals can sit out in the sun for hours are not be affected by the sun? Humans, on the other hand need to shield their skin from the harsh ultra violet rays. Can this be the true cause of premature wrinkles and aging? Scientists do agree - sun exposure is by far the major causes of premature aging skin. Moderate sun exposure is good for acquiring our daily need of Vitamin D, but let's not go overboard. Over-exposure can be minimized by using skin care products that contain reflective minerals. Why should we be choosy about cosmetic products? This will be the subject of the following article.

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